Logical and Physical Devices

      Our digital networking system is about to develop into a newer one by transferring all the stable physical memory storages into logical mobile ones online. It is a wise decision since every structure has to have units for operational memory, physical data storage, processing units and the interface to operate them from the side of a general user. And if all the loads are to be addressed to a single piece of hardware the possibility of its instable and corrupted functioning is great, to minimize the risks load balancing between several such pieces is a more preferable way today. Gaining access to numerous online services and mobile servers carrying them helps to unload joining points and bring less damage to particular hardware functioning pieces, spreading the output capacities and traffic more or less equally between a whole groups of dedicated hardware memory pieces.
      One can dwell on different integrated and disintegrated network systems and technologies. But let us not consider it to be something beyond rational minds or a subdivision of a rocket science. The Internet is easier to use and comprehend than one might think of it. All we are users of modern technologies and the Internet at first. Moreover, our society has a great many communities and Information Technology scientists who develop the network in most comfortable, convenient and cheaper way for us to use it in our every-day lives. On the other side, the Internet expanded so wide so it is practically impossible to get to know every part of it, but to use some of them is very profitable. That way we can say that the online technology serves its purpose excellent in regards to modern demands. But in near future as people learn something more sophisticated in the cyber world that technology might develop even further the way we might not even imagine now. It might take reconstructing of existing Information Technologies and networks but still letting gain the access online, the thing we already accustomed to.