In our times of developing Information Technologies (IT) one can scarcely dispense with computer and the Internet. Digital devices serve us in many ways and make our lives much easier on one side and, believe it or not, harder on the other. We depend on devices and hardly can leave them at home while going out. But with them we can easily and very fast find certain location, buy something much cheaper than usually, find a very snug nook to dine in piece and enjoy cuisine – whatever the way our imagination makes it possible. At first all the resources we had we could get on the workstation, and obligatory that pieces of programs which applications were running on had to be installed first in order to operate thoroughly. Luckily, today for us there is no need to install every single piece of program into our workstation so that to work with a particular application properly. Everything we need we can get online. And that is a great achievement of modern Internet. As for me, I got used to purchasing any electronic devices online Best Buy Coupons and I am very satisfied with my choice. Online technologies are the means of communication in network environment, the idea of such communication is in synchronous data exchange in real time, and the lesser the latency of that exchange the better the signal and thus network communication altogether. At first the term “online” was referred to only in terms of network and internetwork devices of the first three layers of the OSI model, those which provide physical connectivity, physical device routings and logical network address routings. That way the IT personnel could identify operating devices and trace their routes and, if necessary, troubleshoot appearing bottlenecks of connectivity. Nowadays that term acquired wider meaning and defines everything which is in connected and functioning state in real time.
      Today we refer to “online” state not only in hardware but also in software sense, in the meaning that a particular piece of soft is functioning directly connected to the Internet at the moment. And every activity appearing outside our local memory hardware is considered to be online, like online banking when we conduct certain financial transactions, online shops in which we can buy the goods, online theatre in where we can watch the movie we want, online games to play with people all over the World as if they were in an adjoining room or even in the same one, and many other examples.